Dr. Fikre Tekulu | Urban studies | Editorial Board Member

Adigrat University, Ethiopia

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Fikre Belay Tekulu embarked on his academic journey with a strong foundation in geography, earning his Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Geography from Mekelle University in 2005. Building upon this, he pursued a Master of Arts (MA) in Urban Management at Ethiopian Civil Service University, further refining his expertise in urban studies and management. His thirst for knowledge led him to complete his Doctorate in Urban and Regional Development Planning from Punjabi University, Patiala, India, in February 2020. This comprehensive educational background equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to delve into the complexities of urban and regional development.

Professional Endeavors:

Throughout his career, Fikre Belay Tekulu has held various positions, each contributing to his growth as a seasoned academic and expert in his field. Starting as a teacher and Deputy Director at Agazi Comprehensive Secondary School, he transitioned into higher education, serving as a Lecturer and eventually the Head of the Department of Geography at Axum University. His dedication to academia led him to roles of increasing responsibility, including serving as Dean of the College of Social Science and Humanities at Adigrat University. Currently, he holds the esteemed position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Adigrat University, where he continues to make significant contributions to his field.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Fikre Belay Tekulu's research and academic pursuits predominantly focus on urban and regional development planning. Through his extensive fieldwork, data collection, and analysis, he has contributed valuable insights to the understanding and advancement of sustainable urban development practices. His research papers, publications, and participation in conferences reflect his commitment to addressing critical development challenges in Ethiopia and beyond. By engaging in strategic planning initiatives for various towns and institutions, he has actively contributed to shaping urban landscapes and fostering community development.

Accolades and Recognition:

Throughout his career, He has garnered recognition for his exceptional contributions to academia and research. His participation in annual research conferences and workshops demonstrates his commitment to staying abreast of the latest developments in his field. As an educator and mentor, he has undoubtedly influenced numerous students and colleagues, shaping the next generation of scholars and practitioners in urban and regional development planning.

Impact and Influence:

His impact extends beyond the confines of academia. His involvement in community development projects and strategic planning initiatives has had a tangible effect on local communities and institutions. By leveraging his expertise and leadership skills, he has facilitated positive change and laid the groundwork for sustainable development in both urban and rural areas.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

As He continues to pursue excellence through hard work and dedication, his legacy as a trailblazer in urban and regional development planning is already evident. His commitment to research, teaching, and community engagement sets a high standard for future generations of scholars and practitioners. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, he aims to tackle the pressing challenges facing cities and regions, leaving a lasting impact on the field and society as a whole.


Fikre Tekulu | Urban studies | Editorial Board Member

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