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University of Tehran, Iran

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Dr. Seyed Roohollah Mousavi began his academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Engineering, specializing in Soil Science, from the University of Zabol, Iran. His early research focused on investigating wind erosion and its impact on the Sistan region, laying the groundwork for his future studies in soil science and land management. Following his undergraduate studies, Dr. Mousavi pursued a Master's degree in Soil Physics and Conservation at the University of Tehran. During this period, he delved into the application of geopedology for predictive digital soil mapping and its implications for evaluating land suitability in the Qazvin area. This research formed the foundation for his subsequent work in digital soil mapping and spatial modeling.

Professional Endeavors:

Building upon his academic foundation, Dr. Mousavi pursued a Ph.D. in Soil Resource Management at the University of Tehran. His doctoral research focused on advancing digital soil mapping techniques, employing structural equation modeling and machine learning approaches. This period marked a significant advancement in his expertise, particularly in modeling soil properties spatially in arid and semi-arid regions, utilizing remote sensing and geomorphometric data. Throughout his career, Dr. Mousavi has undertaken numerous projects aimed at improving soil mapping methodologies and enhancing our understanding of soil properties and classes. Notably, his collaboration with the Earth and Life Institute at Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium expanded his research scope to include remote sensing techniques using the Google Earth Engine platform and statistical software codification in R.

Contributions and Research Focus:

His contributions extend beyond his individual research endeavors. He actively participated in national projects aimed at updating conventional soil maps in agricultural areas, demonstrating his commitment to advancing soil science at a broader scale. Additionally, his role as an advisor and supervisor for Master of Science students' projects underscores his dedication to nurturing the next generation of soil scientists. His research focus encompasses a wide array of topics, including soil mapping, digital soil modeling, remote sensing applications, and machine learning algorithms. By integrating diverse methodologies and datasets, Dr. Mousavi aims to provide comprehensive insights into soil properties and their spatial variability, particularly in regions susceptible to aridity and land degradation.

Accolades and Recognition:

His contributions to soil science have garnered recognition both nationally and internationally. His publications in reputed journals and his active involvement in professional societies, such as the Soil Science Society of Iran, underscore his standing as a respected figure in the field.  Moreover, his participation in workshops and short courses on soil modeling, ArcGIS, and digital soil mapping highlights his commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Impact and Influence:

His research has the potential to impact various sectors, including agriculture, environmental management, and land use planning. By providing accurate soil maps and predictive models, his work aids policymakers, land managers, and researchers in making informed decisions regarding land resource management and sustainable development.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

As His career continues to evolve, his legacy lies in the advancement of digital soil mapping methodologies and the integration of diverse data sources for improved soil characterization. His future contributions are likely to focus on refining modeling techniques, expanding the applicability of remote sensing technologies, and addressing emerging challenges in soil science, such as climate change adaptation and soil health monitoring. Through his research, mentorship, and professional engagement, Dr. Mousavi will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the field of soil science and pedometrics.


A total of  359 citations for his publications, demonstrating the impact and recognition of his research within the academic community.

  • Citations           359
  • h-index              9
  • i10-index           8

Notable Publications 

The ecological risk, source identification, and pollution assessment of heavy metals in road dust: a case study in Rafsanjan, SE Iran

Evaluation and Prediction of Topsoil organic carbon using Machine learning and hybrid models at a Field-scale
HR Matinfar, Z Maghsodi, SR Mousavi, A Rahmani
(49) 2021

Modeling soil cation exchange capacity using soil parameters: Assessing the heuristic models
SK Jalal Shiri a,⇑, Ali Keshavarzi b, Ozgur Kisi c, Ursula Iturraran-Viveros ...
(49)  2017

Land suitability evaluation for irrigating wheat by geopedological approach and geographic information system: A case study of Qazvin plain, Iran
S Mousavi, F Sarmadian, Z Alijani, A Taati

Evaluating inverse distance weighting and kriging methods in estimation of some physical and chemical properties of soil in Qazvin Plain
SR Mousavi, F Sarmadian, S Dehghani, MR Sadikhani, A Taati
(23) 2017

Large-scale digital mapping of topsoil total nitrogen using machine learning models and associated uncertainty map
F Parsaie, A Farrokhian Firouzi, SR Mousavi, A Rahmani, MH Sedri, ...
(18) 2021

Digital soil mapping with regression tree classification approaches by RS and geomorphometry covariate in the Qazvin Plain, Iran
SR Mousavi, F Sarmadian, A Rahmani, SE Khamoshi
(12) 2019

Three-dimensional mapping of soil organic carbon using soil and environmental covariates in an arid and semi-arid region of Iran
SR Mousavi, F Sarmadian, M Omid, P Bogaert
(11) 2022

Spatial prediction of soil organic carbon stocks in an arid rangeland using machine learning algorithms
ZM Mahmood Rostaminia, Asghar Rahmani, S.Rooholla Mousavi, Ruhollah Taghizadeh
(9) 2021

Digital mapping of soil biological properties and wheat yield using remotely sensed, soil chemical data and machine learning approaches
VAJ Mahjenabadi, SR Mousavi, A Rahmani, A Karami, HA Rahmani, ...
(8) 2022


Syed Roohollah Mousavi | Pedometric and Digital Soil Mapping | Editorial Board Member

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