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Early Academic Pursuits:

Dr. Meisam Rezaei embarked on his academic journey in soil science with a Bachelor's degree from the Soil Science Department at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, graduating in 2005. Following this, he pursued a Master's degree in soil engineering at the Faculty of Water and Soil Engineering, Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources, Gorgan, Iran, where he conducted research on the effects of zeolite amendment on adsorption and desorption kinetics of ammonium, phosphate, and potassium in Rahmat Abad Soil Series of Golestan province, completing his degree in 2008. His commitment to advancing knowledge in soil and water management led him to pursue a Ph.D. in Bioscience Engineering-Land and Water Management at Ghent University, Belgium. During this period (2012-2016), he delved into the characterization and modeling of water flow in sandy soils for irrigation optimization. His thesis, supervised by Piet Seuntjens, Wim Cornelis, and Ingeborg Joris, demonstrated his expertise in the field.

Professional Endeavors:

He has been actively involved in various research and academic positions. Following his Ph.D., he worked as a researcher at the Soil and Water Research Institute in Iran, focusing on the study of chemical forms and behavior of contaminants in Persian Gulf War-polluted lands (2009-2011). His postdoctoral journey included positions at Ghent University (2017-2018), Antwerp University, and VITO, Belgium (2016-2017), showcasing his commitment to international collaboration and research excellence. Currently, he holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Soil Reclamation and Sustainable Land Management Department at the Soil and Water Research Institute (SWRI) in Iran. Dr. Rezaei has also taken on leadership roles, serving as the Vice-Chair of the FAO International Network of Salt-Affected Soils (INSAS) and heading the Incubator Center of Soil and Water Technology Units at SWRI.

Contributions and Research Focus:

His research contributions span a wide range of topics, including water flow modeling, soil reclamation, and the study of contaminants in polluted lands. His work on the effects of zeolite amendment and the optimization of irrigation processes showcases his dedication to sustainable soil and water management. Additionally, his involvement in international networks and collaborations demonstrates a commitment to addressing global challenges in soil science. As the head of the Incubator Center of Soil and Water Technology Units, Dr. Rezaei is at the forefront of driving innovation in soil and water technology, contributing to advancements in the field.

Accolades and Recognition:

Throughout his academic and professional journey, Dr. Rezaei has received numerous accolades and recognition for his outstanding contributions. Notable achievements include being a first-ranked master's student at Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences, earning a Ph.D. scholarship from the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology of Iran, and being a National Elite member, recognized as the top-ranked student by the National Elites Foundation in Iran.

Impact and Influence:

His impact is evident in his multifaceted roles, from conducting pioneering research to leading initiatives in soil reclamation and sustainable land management. His contributions to international networks and collaborations have expanded the reach and influence of his work, fostering a global perspective on soil science.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

His legacy lies in his dedication to advancing soil science, contributing to sustainable land management, and fostering international collaborations. As an Assistant Professor and leader in various capacities, his future contributions are likely to shape the trajectory of soil and water research, leaving a lasting impact on the field and its practitioners.


A total of  528 citations for his publications, demonstrating the impact and recognition of his research within the academic community.

  • Citations           528
  • h-index             11
  • i10-index          14

Notable Publications 

Development and Analysis of Soil Water Infiltration Global Database
(122) 2018

The relevance of in-situ and laboratory characterization of sandy soil hydraulic properties for soil water simulations
M Rezaei, P Seuntjens, R Shahidi, I Joris, W Boënne, B Al-Barri, ...
(52) 2016
Predicting saturated hydraulic conductivity in a sandy grassland using proximally sensed apparent electrical conductivity
M Rezaei, T Saey, P Seuntjens, I Joris, W Boënne, M Van Meirvenne, ...
(34)  2016
The relevance of measuring saturated hydraulic conductivity: Sensitivity analysis and functional evaluation
Jan De Pue, Meisam Rezaei, Marc Van Meirvenne, Wim M Cornelis
(20 )2019


Meisam Rezaei | Bioscience Engineering | Editorial Board Member

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