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Assist Prof Dr. Miguel Ángel Martínez García | Economics and Econometrics | Best Researcher Award

Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain

Author Profile

Early Academic Pursuits

Miguel Angel Martinez Garcia embarked on his academic journey by pursuing a Doctorate in Economics from the Rey Juan Carlos University. He achieved the prestigious qualification of OUTSTANDING CUM LAUDE for his doctoral thesis, garnering substantial recognition. His commitment to academic excellence was evident through various accolades, including the Award for the Best Doctoral Thesis by the Social Council and the Extraordinary Award by the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences at URJC. His academic foundation was further strengthened by obtaining a Master's in Business Management and becoming an Official Microsoft Master certified by Microsoft Office. Additionally, his comprehensive education includes a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management, complemented by specialized courses in quantitative research methodology, language proficiency, and Microsoft applications.

Professional Endeavors

He has dedicated more than 12 years to formal teaching at the Rey Juan Carlos University, showcasing unwavering commitment and expertise in the field. His teaching roles have spanned various capacities, including Assistant Doctor, Visiting Professor, and External Teacher across different academic departments. He exhibited leadership qualities during his tenure as part of the management team at the Center for Applied Social Studies (CUESA) from 2008 to 2013. His responsibilities involved course organization, planning, execution, and teaching assessment. Furthermore, his involvement in administrative tasks and management of the Moodle platform demonstrated his multifaceted skill set. Martinez Garcia's contributions extended to evaluating the quality of educational programs, participating in teaching innovation groups, and being an active member of research groups and specialized societies such as the Hispano-American Society for Input-Output Analysis (SHAIO) and the International INPUT-OUTPUT Association.

Contributions and Research Focus

His research focus primarily revolves around statistical and multisector modeling for addressing contemporary economic and social challenges, a domain where Martinez Garcia has made substantial contributions. Additionally, his role as a reviewer for Applied Economics signifies his commitment to academic rigor and scholarly contributions.

Accolades and Recognition

His journey is adorned with several accolades, including certifications, teaching merits, and recognitions such as the ANECA accreditation for Doctor Assistant and Doctor Contract, alongside certificates for teaching years and merits. His commitment to continuous teaching for over a decade, as verified by URJC, stands as a testament to his dedication and expertise in the academic realm.

Impact and Influence

His influence is reflected through his significant contributions in teaching, research, and administrative roles. His active participation in various educational and research initiatives, coupled with his involvement in evaluating educational programs, showcases his impact in shaping academic standards and promoting excellence within educational institutions.

Legacy and Future Contributions

His legacy encompasses a robust foundation in academia, marked by excellence in teaching, dedicated research efforts, and active participation in educational development. His future contributions are anticipated to further enrich the realms of economic research, statistical modeling, teaching innovation, and academic administration, leaving an enduring imprint on the academic community.

Notable Publications 

Consequences of the energy measures derived from the war in Ukraine on the level of prices of EU countries
MÁ Martínez-García, C Ramos-Carvajal, Á Cámara
( 4 )2023


Miguel Ángel Martínez García | Economics and Econometrics | Best Researcher Award

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