Syed Mabruk Billah | Finance - Investment | Young Scientist Award

Professional Profile

Early Academic Pursuits and Professional Endeavors

Syed Mabruk Billah, an Assistant Professor renowned in the field of Finance, embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor's in Economics and Finance from the International Islamic University Malaysia in 2015. Building on this foundation, he pursued a Master's in Finance and later earned his Ph.D. in Finance from Massey University, New Zealand, in 2020, where he was recognized for his scholarly achievements.

Contributions and Research Focus

His scholarly focus lies in the intersection of finance, market analysis, and economic trends. He has extensively researched and published papers that have not only contributed to academia but also have had tangible applications in various sectors. His notable publication, "Quantile connectedness between Sukuk bonds and the impact of COVID-19" in the Applied Economics Letters, has gained acknowledgment from esteemed organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) for its relevance.

Accolades and Recognition

Acknowledged as the youngest researcher at Massey University, Dr. Billah's academic journey has been marked by recognition for his groundbreaking contributions. His research methodology has been utilized by Fisher and Paykel Healthcare in investment-related domains, showcasing the practical applicability of his work.

Impact and Influence

His methodologies and findings have transcended academia and made significant impacts in real-world scenarios. His work has been cited by reputable organizations like WHO and adopted by renowned companies like Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, underscoring the practical implications and relevance of his research in the industry.

Legacy and Future Contributions

With a tenure that spans teaching, research, and advisory roles, Dr. Billah continues to shape the academic discourse in finance. His involvement in various capacities, such as serving as an advisor in PMU's Finance and Stock Market Club, signifies his commitment to nurturing future talents and contributing to the academic community. His dedication to academia, demonstrated through his teaching effectiveness, diverse course portfolio, and research endeavors, embodies a commitment to advancing knowledge in finance while making a meaningful impact in both scholarly and practical domains. His legacy is defined by the fusion of rigorous academic inquiry and real-world applicability, with promising future contributions yet to unfold.

(91) 2021

The impacts of the Russia–Ukraine invasion on global markets and commodities: a dynamic connectedness among G7 and BRIC markets

MK Alam, MI Tabash, M Billah, S Kumar, S Anagreh

(63) 2022

Return and volatility spillovers between energy and BRIC markets: Evidence from quantile connectedness

M Billah, S Karim, MA Naeem, SA Vigne

(58) 2022

Quantile connectedness between Sukuk bonds and the impact of COVID-19

MA Naeem, M Billah, M Marei, F Balli

(27) 2022

Economic uncertainties, macroeconomic announcements and sukuk spreads

F Balli, M Billah, HO Balli, R Gregory-Allen

(26) 2020

Spillovers between Sukuks and Shariah-compliant equity markets

F Balli, M Billah, HO Balli, A De Bruin

(19) 2022

Spillovers on sectoral sukuk returns: evidence from country level analysis

M Billah, F Balli, HO Balli

(16) 2022

Interconnectivity and investment strategies among commodity prices, cryptocurrencies, and G-20 capital markets: A comparative analysis during COVID-19 and Russian-Ukraine war

S Kumar, R Jain, F Balli, M Billah

(9) 2023

Spillovers to sectoral equity returns: do liquidity and financial positions matter?

F Balli, M Billah, HO Balli, A De Bruin

(9) 2021

Impact of the Russia–Ukraine war on hospitality equity markets

F Balli, M Billah, I Chowdhury

(8) 2023


A total of  359 citations for his publications, demonstrating the impact and recognition of his research within the academic community.

  • Citations           359      351
  • h-index             9          9
  • i10-index          7          7


Syed Mabruk Billah | Finance – Investment | Young Scientist Award

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