Prof. Irshad Ahmad | Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation | Excellence in Scientific Innovation Award King

Khalid University, Saudi Arabia

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Early Academic Pursuits

Irshad Ahmad began his academic journey at Delhi University, Singhania, where he pursued his Bachelor's degree in Medical Rehabilitation Sciences, specializing in Pediatric Orthopedics. He continued his education with a Master's in Orthopedic Physical Therapy (M.P.T) and later earned a Ph.D. in Orthopedics, solidifying his expertise in the field.

Professional Endeavors

Currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the College of Applied Medical Sciences, Irshad Ahmad has dedicated his career to teaching and research. His role involves imparting knowledge and skills in the area of medical rehabilitation sciences, particularly focusing on orthopedic rehabilitation. Additionally, he serves as a reviewer for prestigious ISI journals such as the Journal of International Medical Research, Annals of Saudi Medicine, and BMC Journal of Orthopedic Disorders.

Contributions and Research Focus

Ahmad's contributions to the field of orthopedic rehabilitation and pediatric orthopedics are significant. Through his teaching, research, and review activities, he aims to advance knowledge and understanding in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of orthopedic conditions in pediatric patients. His research focus may include areas such as musculoskeletal development, injury prevention, and rehabilitation strategies tailored to pediatric populations.

Accolades and Recognition

As a reviewer for reputable ISI journals, Ahmad's expertise and contributions to the field have been recognized within the academic community. His dedication to advancing orthopedic rehabilitation and pediatric orthopedics has likely garnered accolades and acknowledgment from peers and colleagues.

Impact and Influence

Irshad Ahmad's work as an educator, researcher, and reviewer has undoubtedly had a positive impact on the field of orthopedic rehabilitation. By sharing his expertise through teaching and disseminating research findings through peer-reviewed journals, he contributes to the advancement of knowledge and the improvement of patient care in pediatric orthopedics.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Irshad Ahmad continues his academic and professional journey, his legacy will be marked by his dedication to educating the next generation of healthcare professionals and advancing research in orthopedic rehabilitation. Through his continued efforts, he will leave a lasting impact on the field, shaping the future of pediatric orthopedics and rehabilitation sciences.


A total of  1452 citations for his publications, demonstrating the impact and recognition of his research within the academic community.

  • Citations             1452
  • h-index              21
  • i10-index           40

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Irshad Ahmad | Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation | Excellence in Scientific Innovation Award

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