Best Extension Activity Award

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Best Extension Activity Award


Welcome to the realm of innovation and excellence! The 'Best Extension Activity Award' celebrates pioneers who go above and beyond to extend the boundaries of their fields, making a lasting impact on communities and beyond.

Award Eligibility:

Open to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, this award welcomes innovators who have demonstrated outstanding extension activities in their respective domains.

Qualification and Publications:

No specific qualifications required—just a passion for extending knowledge and creating positive change. Publications showcasing your extension activities are encouraged but not mandatory.


This annual award honors consistent and recurring extension efforts that contribute to the betterment of society.

Evaluation Criteria:

Judged on the impact, creativity, and sustainability of extension activities, the evaluation process seeks to recognize those who have made a tangible difference.

Submission Guidelines:

Submit a detailed biography, abstract, and supporting files highlighting your extension activities. Showcase the transformative power of your work.


Winners receive not only a prestigious title but also the recognition and admiration of a community that values the spirit of extension and outreach.

Community Impact:

Emphasis is placed on how your extension activities have positively influenced and engaged with communities, fostering a sense of empowerment and collaboration.


Share your journey, experiences, and the driving force behind your commitment to extension activities.

Abstract and Supporting Files:

Craft a compelling abstract and submit supporting files that encapsulate the essence and impact of your extension endeavors.