Zhaoyun Liu | Hematology | Best Researcher Award

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Dr. Zhaoyun Liu | Hematology | Best Researcher Award

General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, China

Author Profile

Early Academic Pursuits:

ZhaoYun Liu embarked on his academic journey in Clinical Medicine at Ningxia Medical University, where he earned his Bachelor's degree. He continued his education at Tianjin Medical University, specializing in Hematology, where he obtained both his Master's and Doctoral degrees. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for his future contributions to the field of hematology.

Professional Endeavors:

Following his doctoral studies, ZhaoYun Liu pursued postdoctoral work at Tianjin Medical University, delving deeper into the intricacies of hematology. He has since served as a Research Assistant at the Department of Hematology at the General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, where he leads the flow cytometry lab and the Hematopoietic stem cell cryopreservation lab.

Contributions and Research Focus:

His research focuses on various aspects of hematology, including the immunopathogenesis of bone marrow failure and multiple myeloma. His expertise spans multiple techniques, such as flow cytometry, cell culture, PCR, and animal model construction. He has investigated topics ranging from the role of specific pathways in myelodysplastic syndromes to the development of potential therapies for multiple myeloma.

Accolades and Recognition:

Throughout his career, ZhaoYun Liu has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to hematology research. He has received prestigious awards such as the Giorgi Young Investigator Award from the International Clinical Cytometry Society and the Young Investigator Award from the International Myeloma Society. Additionally, he was honored as a National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow for his pioneering work.

Impact and Influence:

His research has made a significant impact on the field of hematology, particularly in understanding the pathogenesis of various hematologic disorders and exploring potential therapeutic interventions. His discoveries have the potential to improve patient outcomes and advance the field of hematology as a whole.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

As He continues his academic and research pursuits, his legacy in hematology is bound to grow. His dedication to unraveling the complexities of hematologic diseases and developing innovative treatments underscores his commitment to improving healthcare and advancing medical science. With a promising future ahead, ZhaoYun Liu is poised to make even greater contributions to the field of hematology and leave a lasting impact on patient care.


A total of  442 citations for his publications, demonstrating the impact and recognition of his research within the academic community.

  • Citations              442
  • h-index                11
  • Documents         70

Notable Publications 

Immune checkpoint inhibitors for multiple myeloma immunotherapy

Detection of myeloma cell-derived microvesicles: a tool to monitor multiple myeloma load

The value of serum IL-4 to predict the survival of MDS patients

Immunophenotypic changes of monocytes in myelodysplastic syndrome and clinical significance

Immunogenic Cell Death in Hematological Malignancy Therapy