Mrs. Lama Lozon | Cancer Therapeutics | Best Researcher Award

University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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Early Academic Pursuits

Lama Lozon embarked on her academic journey with a strong foundation in the sciences, culminating in a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Dubai Pharmacy College. Her dedication to excellence was evident from her exceptional GPA of 3.97 during her undergraduate studies.

Professional Endeavors

Transitioning into professional roles, She gained invaluable experience in the pharmaceutical industry, serving as a Pharmacist Trainee and later as a Drug Store Manager and Staff Pharmacist in Charge. These roles provided her with practical insights into pharmacy operations and customer care.

Contributions and Research Focus

Driven by her passion for advancing knowledge in biology, She pursued a Master of Science in Molecular Medicine at the University of Sharjah, where she excelled academically with a GPA of 3.97. Her research interests gravitated towards molecular mechanisms underlying cancer therapeutics, as evidenced by her thesis and publications focusing on the effects of safranal and 5-aminosalicylate-4-thiazolinone hybrid derivatives on cancer cells' response to various inhibitors.

Accolades and Recognition

His dedication and contributions to the field of molecular medicine have garnered recognition both locally and internationally. She actively participated in prestigious conferences such as the Dubai Pharmaceutical Conference and Exhibition (DUPHAT) and the UAE Graduate Students Research Conference, where her research presentations were well-received, earning her accolades such as 2nd place in the best oral presentation at the Emirati German Congress and 3rd place in the best poster presentation at a research promotion event conducted by the Research Institute for Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Sharjah.

Impact and Influence

Through her research endeavors and active participation in academic forums, She has made significant contributions to the field of cancer therapeutics. Her work on DNA damage response pathways and cell cycle regulation has implications for the development of novel therapeutic interventions targeting cancer progression.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As She progresses towards completing her Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine through the Lübeck-Sharjah Dual Degree Program, her commitment to advancing scientific knowledge remains unwavering. With a solid foundation in research design, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and a wide array of laboratory techniques, she is poised to continue making impactful contributions to the field, leaving a lasting legacy in cancer therapeutics research.

Notable Publications 

Decoding cell death signalling: Impact on the response of breast cancer cells to approved therapies

Effect of safranal on the response of cancer cells to topoisomerase I inhibitors: Does sequence matter?


Lama Lozon | Cancer Therapeutics | Best Researcher Award

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