Mr. Binega Derebe | Wildlife, Forest, Ecotourism | Editorial Board Member

Injibara University, Ethiopia

Author Profile

Early Academic Pursuits:

His academic journey commenced with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management from the University of Gondar, Ethiopia, awarded in 2016. Following this, he pursued a Master of Science in Wildlife Conservation and Ecotourism Management at Bahir Dar University, graduating in 2018.

Professional Endeavors:

From July 2018 to January 2022, Bienega served as a Lecturer and Researcher at Injibara University in Ethiopia. In this role, he actively contributed to the academic and research environment, providing lectures, conducting research, and serving as a senior advisor for undergraduate students. Since January 2022, he has been engaged as a Ph.D. student at the University of Gondar in the Forest and Livelihood program, focusing on dissertation writing, data collection, and analysis.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Bienega's contributions are evident through his research endeavors and academic responsibilities. As a lecturer and researcher, he provided valuable insights to students, implemented impactful research projects, and engaged in community services. His research focuses on wildlife conservation, ecotourism, and the contribution of non-timber forest products to rural livelihoods. Notably, his publications in reputable journals such as Heliyon, International Journal of Forestry Research, Anthropocene Science, and PLoS ONE showcase the breadth of his research.

Accolades and Recognition:

While specific accolades are not mentioned, Bienega's publications in peer-reviewed journals and his engagement in systematic reviews contribute to his recognition in the academic community.

Impact and Influence:

His work has made a significant impact, particularly in understanding the diversity, abundance, and habitat associations of wildlife in various ecosystems. His research on the population status of the Hamadryas baboon and the diversity of bird species reflects his commitment to wildlife conservation. Additionally, his systematic review on the contribution of non-timber forest products to livelihoods demonstrates a broader perspective on the sustainable management of natural resources.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

As a Ph.D. student, Bienega's legacy is still unfolding. His focus on forest and livelihood, alongside his major research interests in wildlife, ecotourism, and community-based tourism, positions him as a future contributor to sustainable environmental practices in Ethiopia. His collaboration with renowned researchers and mentors, including Mezgebu Ashagrie and Eshetou Moges, indicates a trajectory of impactful contributions to the field of fisheries, wetland, and wildlife management.

Future Endeavors:

As a Ph.D. student, He is currently immersed in dissertation writing, data collection, and analysis. His future endeavors are likely to involve further research publications, potentially expanding his impact on wildlife conservation, ecotourism, and forest and livelihood management.

Notable Publications 

Non-timber forest product types and its income contribution to rural households in the Horn of Africa: a systematic review
B Derebe, A Alemu
(4) 2023

Diversity, abundance, and habitat association of medium and large-sized mammals in Tiski Waterfall, Awi Zone, Ethiopia
B Derebe, Y Derebe, M Kassaye
(4) 2022

Contribution of Nontimber Forest Products Earn to Livelihood in Rural Households and the Type of Use: A Systematic Review
B Derebe, A Alemu, Z Asfaw
(2) 2023

Diversity and relative abundance of bird species in the two habitat types of Dokima forest Awi zone, Ethiopia
BD Asmare, Y Derebe, M Tamer
(2) 2023

Human-wild animal conflict in Banja woreda, Awi zone, Ethiopia
B Derebe, Y Derebe, B Tsegaye
(2) 2022

Species diversity, relative abundance, and distribution of avifauna in different habitats within Lewi Mountain, Awi zone, Ethiopia
Y Derebe, B Derebe, M Kassaye, A Gibru
(1) 2023

Effects of environmental changes on vegetation and soil characteristics at Lewi Afromontane Forest and wetland in Northwestern Ethiopia
YD Melkamu Kassaye, Mulugeta Tamer, Fekadu Temesgen, Binega Derebe

Composition, Relative Abundance, and Diversity of Medium and Large Mammals in Tirba Lake Awi Zone, Ethiopia
B Derebe, Y Derebe, B Gedamu

Population status of the Hamadryas baboon in and around Simien Mountains National Park (SMNP), Ethiopia
B Derebe, M Ashagrie


Binega Derebe | Wildlife, Forest, Ecotourism | Editorial Board Member

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