Breakthrough Innovations Laureate Award

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Breakthrough Innovations Laureate Award


Welcome to the epitome of innovation – the 'Breakthrough Innovations Laureate Award.' This esteemed accolade celebrates visionaries who have propelled humanity forward through groundbreaking advancements, setting new standards in innovation and excellence.


Open to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, this award recognizes those who have demonstrated exceptional breakthrough innovations. Eligibility is not restricted by age, qualifications, or industry.


  • Innovation Focus: Submissions should showcase a significant and novel breakthrough innovation.
  • Biography: A brief biography highlighting the nominee's innovation journey.
  • Abstract: A concise summary of the breakthrough innovation and its impact.
  • Supporting Files: Relevant documents supporting the innovation, such as patents, publications, or prototypes.

Evaluation Criteria:

Submissions are evaluated based on the uniqueness and impact of the breakthrough innovation. The judging panel considers the potential societal or industry impact and the feasibility of implementation.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Submissions must be made through the official award portal.
  2. Include a detailed abstract outlining the breakthrough innovation.
  3. Attach supporting files that provide evidence of the innovation's impact.
  4. Ensure all submissions meet the specified deadline.


Winners receive the prestigious 'Breakthrough Innovations Laureate Award,' along with recognition in relevant publications and at industry events. This award aims to elevate and spotlight innovators on a global scale.

Community Impact:

The 'Breakthrough Innovations Laureate Award' values innovations that positively impact communities, industries, or humanity at large.