Mrs. Sripriya Bayyapu | Health Information Technology | Women Researcher Award

State of Nevada, United States

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Mrs. Sripriya Bayyapu commenced her journey in the realm of Computer Science by obtaining a Bachelor's degree from CVSR College of Engineering in India. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for her future endeavors in the dynamic field of Business and Quality Assurance.

Professional Endeavors:

With over a decade of professional experience spanning across diverse sectors such as healthcare, finance, automobile, disaster recovery, and energy, She has exhibited her prowess in all phases of Business and Quality Assurance. She has adeptly navigated through the intricacies of requirements gathering, system analysis, and strategic problem-solving, showcasing her versatility and acumen in various domains.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Throughout her career, She has been instrumental in gathering requirements through various methodologies such as JAD sessions, interviews, and workshops. Her meticulous approach to collecting functional requirements and documenting them in comprehensive specifications has been instrumental in guiding technical teams towards the successful development of prototypes and systems. Moreover, her blend of business acumen, technical expertise, and strategic analysis has enabled her to provide innovative solutions to complex business challenges.

Accolades and Recognition:

Her dedication and contributions have been consistently recognized and appreciated within her professional circles. Whether it's her proficiency in understanding the complete SDLC, her adeptness in developing test plans and executing test cases, or her proficiency in utilizing Test Management Tools like JIRA and MF ALM/Quality Center, her efforts have garnered accolades and recognition from peers and stakeholders alike.

Impact and Influence:

As a Senior Business Process Analyst, She has made a significant impact on the projects and teams she has been a part of. From implementing Agile methodologies to employing risk management strategies in test case development, her contributions have been instrumental in driving projects towards successful outcomes.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Looking ahead, She is committed to continuing her journey of growth and making meaningful contributions to the field of Business and Quality Assurance. Her goal is to leave a lasting legacy of excellence and integrity in everything she does, inspiring others to strive for excellence and innovation in their professional endeavors. With her strong analytical skills, adaptability, and commitment to quality, She is poised to make a significant impact in the years to come.

Notable Publications 

How Data Analysts Can Help Healthcare Organizations Comply with HIPAA and Other Data Privacy Regulations
S Bayyapu, RR Turpu, RR Vangala

Sripriya Bayyapu | Health Information Technology | Women Researcher Award

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